Bliss Tool
Bliss Tool

With BlissTool you can now chat with anybody in the word regardless of their native language!

BlissTool uses Blissymbolics. Blissymbolics is a set of symbols invented by austrian Charles K. Bliss (1897-1985). His ambition was to provide the world with a universal system to communicate beyond linguistic barriers. The symbols are little pictograms or ideograms very easy to learn and to combine to create additional meanings. You can get more information about Blissymbolics through google , yahoo or wikipedia .

BlissTool is an integrated environment allowing to use Blissymbolics on the computer. It currently includes the following modules:
A Instant Messaging widget to chat with other people directly by means of blissymbolics. The system uses the open Jabber protocol. A list of Jabber servers by country can be found here .
A Page widget to compose bliss sentences, to copy to the clipboard as text or to paste text from the clipboard as bliss symbols. This allows to interface traditional softwares (word processor, mail program) which do not support bliss symbols.
A Drawing Board to draw new bliss words using a set of 96 basic shapes.
A Search widget to look for words containing a given pattern of shapes.
A Thesaurus widget to class information according to themes.
A Language widget to choose your language or help to translate the dictionary into your language.

The current version of Blisstool (0.85) supports the following languages:
English, Français, Italiano, Íslenska, Deutsch, svenska .
You can add your own dictionnary to support other languages as well.

BlissTool is free software and can be downloaded here.

BlissTool is written in java and should work on any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) equipped with a java virtual machine. Make sure Java is installed on your computer and double-click on the file. The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) can be downloaded from Sun.

This version of BlissTool is only a prototype. I am aware that a lot of things remain to be done. In particular, this software will be useful and efficient only if it comes with a rich set of dictionaries. If you are ready to help for example by translating the dictionary into your own language, or for any other comment or question about BlissTool, feel free to write to